Covid is a serious virus



Too many people just don’t get it do they? Public gathering parties and so on give the Covid virus even more life and power. Infact this virus could mutate and get to the point where nothing will control it is that what people want because if people don’t stop.

This virus could either wipe us out or take a huge amount of people around the world out. Stop messing around with fire, Covid is deadly and it’s a painful way to die.

Your in a hospital bed to sick to stand it fighting for your life fighting to even breath. Don’t be a fool think about what could happen. Like actor John Wayne said in a movie ‘there’s no good way to die’ and that’s all true but wouldn’t you sooner die of old age in your sleep rather then painfully in a hospital bed fighting to breath and so sick you can’t stand it.

That’s my opinion,

Fred Romanov