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Canada could be out of debt in five years



I call on the Ottawa NDP to stop supporting the Trudeau Libs and bring Trudeau down so Canadians can vote in a new government.

I have had it with Trudeau and his lopsided miss guided ideas. Time to put Trudeau back in his cage for the people’s safety.

I dam the world leaders for the hellish nightmares that are going on right now. Biden, Trudeau you’re part of it, you’re both the same. You’re both non thinkers and non builders, you’re just trouble making phonies. You’re both trying to pass off lies for the truth.

I also blame both levels of NDP, you’re all in it. You’re trying to take away our good way of life and make it as hard as you can.

In our BC election don’t split the vote, support the BC Tory’s only so we can get rid of the NDP. Voting for the BCUP is a total waste of your vote. They won’t get anywhere and are only vote splitters.

The BC Tory lead by John Rusted will bring much needed investments and will restart our industries for a good way of life.

The Federal Conservatives lead by BC Pierre Poilievre will also bring investment back to Canada. Will open up our resource sector for a good way of life.

Canada is bursting with resources and between this revenue plus taxes from spending, Canada could be out of debt in five years.

A good way of life is very, very possible but we must run our country properly. The leadership we have now will break us, not build us.

That’s my opinion.

Fred Romanow