Logging debris burning

Burning our logging debris


I read in the Houston Today, with interest your story about log supply for the pellet plant. And a day later we see a mass burning on the outskirts of Houston. As I understand, they are burning a lot of debris left over from a winter of logging.

Talking to people who saw the piles , they think that a lot of the tops could have been utilized for chips or sent to the mill on the rabbit trail to be milled into rails or fence posts.

We are not a third world country,we should be utilizing all the trees we harvest. This is something the minister of forests should be directing.

If this was in the Fraser Valley in would not happen this way. Along with the wood lost to the pellet plant, there is the matter of the pollution it has created. Everyone must drive electric cars by 2040, but keep burning our logging debris and filling our valleys with smoke in the spring and the fall .


Dwain Erhardt