Emily Louie

Emily Louie

Students point out Houston’s oil, antifreeze recycling sites

Two Used Oil ambassadors visited Houston's Co-op fuel station, Bassani Fuels, and Sullivan Motor Products last week to promote recycling.

Used Oil Ambassadors Emily Louie and Ali Omelaniec visited the Houston Co-Op last Thursday, one of three places where Houston residents can recycle oil jugs and filters as well as antifreeze containers.

The others are Sullivan Motor Products and Bassani Fuels.

“People know to return the actual fluids, but not always all the other materials,” said Omelaniec.

Louie and Omelaniec are touring northern B.C. on behalf of the B.C. Used Oil Management Association to check in on drop-offs and encourage more people to recycle their hazardous goods.

One drop of oil can contaminate a million drops of clean water, Louie said.

Follow Louie and Omelaniec as they tour northern B.C. at www.bcusedoil.com/blog.