Silverthorne students bowl at plaza for psychial education

Silverthorne students bowl at plaza for psychial education

Two schools make bowling an accessible sport for students in Houston

Since the spring of 2017, the Pleasant Valley Plaza has been working with schools within Houston to provide a program that works with the individual school’s physical education budget so that students participate in bowling as a sport.

“We wanted to reach out to the youth of our community and make bowling an available sport to them. It’s a great way to introduce the sport of bowling and it gives the schools an additional psychical education activity,” said Tait.

Silverthorne Elementary School and the Houston Secondary School are on board and utilizing the program right now.

“All the schools and their physical education teachers were really receptive to the idea and we went ahead trying to create a schedule,” said Rebecca Tait, general manager of the Pleasant Valley Plaza.

“It is important to offer a variety of physical activities that help students learn about their options to lead a healthy balanced life,” said Julie Krall, principal for Silverthorne Elementary School.

There are no grants funding this program.

“The cost mainly centres around the use of our facility and the teachers time and energy in organizing and getting their students to the plaza,” said Tait.

“Pleasant Valley Plaza is offering this as a cost-free opportunity for us. We are very grateful for this opportunity as usually we can only afford to have the students bowl for a special occasion,” said Krall.

Krall said that this bowling initiative allows students to learn more about scoring, etiquette, and the skills of bowling.

Krall said that this program allows the students to go enough times so that they will be able to see improvement in their game.