Local comedian cracks jokes in Houston

Comedian from Houston is cracking jokes at the Houston Library on October 3, promoting the release of his first CD.

Having grown up in Houston

Having grown up in Houston

Comedian from Houston stands up for a show at the Houston Library on October 3.

Having released his first CD last week Tuesday, Comedian Brian Majore, says his Houston show will present new material along with a few favourites from the CD.

Majore says he and his friend and fellow comedian Chris Gaskin recorded and released their CDs together and will both be performing in the Houston show Oct. 3.

Asked how it felt to release his first CD, Majore said it’s a great relief.

“I’ve recorded this material, now I can stop performing it,” he said, adding that he’s been doing shows off and on for ten years and he is ready to bring out some new material.

“I’ve been writing new material, and I’m excited about that,” he said.

Majore says he hopes to release his second CD within the next few years and that is what he is most excited about.

He adds that he is also glad to have his CD recorded so that he can hand it out to First Nations bands and organizations and get his name out there more and get more shows.

Majore says he has travelled to Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Regina and all over B.C. and Alberta, and is eager for more opportunities.

He and Gaskin performed at a Figure Skating Club fund raiser in Houston last year to an over 200-person crowd, Majore said.

He and Gaskin have worked together and done shows together quite a lot, Majore said.

“We have different styles. He’s a lot more energetic; I’m a lot more laid back.

“He’s a lot more animated and he does things like act-outs… I don’t do any of that. I’m a joke teller basically,” he said.

Majore says his material is very racially charged, and the best description of his work was given by an old professor at University of Northern B.C.

“He said that the best part of watching me perform is watching the reaction of the audience, because they’re never quite sure if they’re allowed to laugh or not.”

Majore and Gaskin will perform a show in Houston at the Public Library at 8 p.m. Oct. 3. Tickets are available at the Library for $10.