Former Legion president

Former Legion president

Legion prepares new kitchen to serve pub fare

The Legion is hoping to spice things up come March 1.

The Legion is hoping to spice things up come March 1.

Vice president Wade Anundsen told Houston Today that they will offer up pub fare once they finish the final touches on the new kitchen. The crucial piece missing is the Ovention oven, an automated oven that will cook the meals.

“Today it was ordered. It’s leaving the U.S. today,” said Anundsen last Thursday.

Anundsen wants to keep the menu small at first, pointing to the possibility of serving up chicken fingers, pizzas, burgers and chicken burgers, fries, poutine and onion rings.

“We’re going to start small. You know, we’re not diving right into it,” he said. “We’re all brand new to this.”

They will seek public input on what their patrons would like to see on the menu.

“We’re going to lay little cards out in front of tables for when people coming in what they would like to see here and stuff like that and we’ll improvise and we’ll change our menus.”

Furthermore, BC Lottery will install Keno equipment on its premises March 1.

“That’s another thing that will bring a lot of people in and a lot of people are excited,” he added.

Anundsen said that he needs a few more thousands of dollars to pay for “incidentals”.

“We’re in the process of buying the incidentals, you know, like, the cutlery, bowls, and serving baskets and stuff like that, and it’s rather amazing,” he said.

Anundsen added that the Legion raised about $30,000, $10,000 more than targeted. However, he still feels like money is tight.

“We do need that extra last little push just to get over the top of the mountain,” he said. “I would say about $2,000 to $3,000 just shy.”