Houston man nominated for Grammy ‘Roots’ Album

A Houston high school graduate was on the list of nominees at the recent Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Former Houston resident

Former Houston resident

A Houston, B.C. high school grad was on the list of nominees at the recent Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Duncan Bamsey, a 1993 grad of Houston Secondary School was a member of a group  that produced an album nominated for

a Grammy in the ‘Roots’ Category.  It is an honour to received a nomination in any Grammy Award category.

The album is called ‘Hula Ku’i and Bamsey is featured on alto and baritone sax.

The album was produced and engineered in Kamuela, Hawaii.  Music of the group is featured on the aircraft  of

Hawaiian Airlines.  The album did not win a Grammy, but received high recognition in the American Roots category.

A music critic called the album “One of the most innovative releases to come out of the islands…Hawaiian swing at its finest.”


Musical Background


Bamsey attended Topley Elementary School and graduated from Houston Secondary School. He was in the High School

band program for five years and was part of the concert and jazz bands. Duncans’ parents Brian and Tandra are life-long

residents of this area.

The High School band travelled to the University of Northern Idaho’s Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and Bamsey received

an outstanding soloist award as part of the performance, which led him to attend the University after High School. In addition,

he went on a summer ‘Canadian Youth on Tour of Europe in 1993.  Duncan has worked and played in his musical field

for 20 years in the United States.

Duncan comes from a musical background on both sides of his family. He great-grandfather played trombone on his dads side

of the family and his grandfather played trumpet. On his mother’s side of the family his grandmother played piano and sang

and her brother played trumpet and had his own band.

Duncans degrees include a Bachelors, B.A. in Music Education and a Masters in Jazz Pedagogy.

Duncan continually indulges his love for the saxophone by sourcing vintage and professional saxophones . He currently resides on the

Big Island of Hawaii where he and his wife Renae enjoy scuba diving, kayaking and biking.

Duncan attended the Grammy Ceremonies in Los Angeles. It is  the biggest awards event in the world of music.