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HOPE Recrafting contest big success

The first annual HOPE Society Recraft Contest was a raving success, organizers said.
Colton Savage and his Recrafting creation Robert 3000 revel in first place

The first annual HOPE Society Recraft Contest was a raving success, organizers said.

"The whole idea about it was trying to get people involved and thinking about ways to reuse old materials," HOPE director Bizz McKilligan said. "So most of the content was recycled."

They received six submissions for their inaugural event, she said, and next year they hope to see many more.

And it was great to see how creative people got, she added.  Monsters, robots, plant hangers, it was all wonderful to see.

She sent a huge thank you to all contestants as well as to the businesses who provided the environmentally-friendly prizes for the contest.

In the 19 and over category ,Darlene Prins made a stool made entirely from egg cartons that she'd folded into a circle to form the seat. For her first place win, she took home a solar electronics charger, water bottle, reusable flower bag, compost bin, stationary set and a green notebook.

Derek Kronemyer took first place in the 13 to 18 category with his origami butterflies. His prize included a $200 gift certificate to McBike, a water bottle and a green notebook.

For the 8 to 12 category, Colton Savage created the Robert 3000, a recycling robot. Made out of old cardboard (such as cereal boxes) you could push your recycling into his "mouth" to be disposed out the back into a plastic bag. He won a windpower science kit, water bottle and notepad.

The second place winner, Sydney Kronemyer, made a plant hanger from recycled materials including CDs, a margarine container, scrap paper and pop can tabs. She received a Solar Rover and a water bottle.

First place winner in the girls under eight division was Chloe for her milk jug pom-pom eating monster, who won a tea set made from recycled plastic, a water bottle and a Earthsmart book.

In the boys under eight division, Luke Kronemyer took first place, creating a drum from recycled materials. He won a Dino Adventure Rig, a water bottle and an Earthsmart book.

"It was really fun," McKilligan said.