Sisters Cora

Sisters Cora

Family Night brings out over 250 people

Houston Link to Learning partnered with the Public Library to run a Family Night, Barbeque, and magic show last Wednesday.

Four year old Trinity and six year old Laura do crafts with their Mom Amanda at the Pulblic Library last Wednesday.

Two year old Robert plays tug-of-war in the sun, cheered on and encouraged by his Dad Peter.

Six year old Jada and seven year old Madeline fly ribbons in the sun beside the Library at the Family Night last Wednesday.

Houston Link to Learning and the Houston Public Library partnered together to put on a Family Night and Barbeque last Wednesday evening. Besides the barbeque, the event included crafts, face painting, and animal balloons for kids, and a magic show by Norden the Magician to wrap up the event.

Renée Jaspers, Family Literacy Coordinator with the Houston Link to Learning, twists a long balloon into a dog for eight year old Cora.

Kids watch in anticipation as Norden the Magician wows them with his magic tricks. There were 186 people who watched the magic show, laughing and enjoying the magicians humour, illusions and tricks.