Come talk about Goodwill in Houston

The All Nations Feast Dec. 5 welcomes everyone in Houston to come together for a discussion on goodwill in Houston.

Mark your Calendar!

Houston Link to Learning in partnership with Northern Society for Domestic Peace, Northwest Community College, Houston Friendship Centre Society, Love by the Bowl, and the Salvation Army will be hosting the All Nations Feast December 5, at 4 pm at the Community Hall. This event will engage community members in a discussion about goodwill in their neighbourhoods.

The term ‘All Nations’ refers to the heritage of all of us who live in Houston. “Think about where your grandparents came from and their practices of goodwill.” Everyone is welcome to attend this feast!!

The community of Houston has a long history of supporting their neighbours. This event will provide a venue to acknowledge and celebrate the goodwill that exists in Houston and develop an understanding of how this goodwill is a road to inclusion for all people. It is this goodwill that leads to a sense of belonging and value. It is our hope that people will leave the feast with appreciation and understanding of their neighbour.

How well do you know your neighbourhood? How long have you lived in Houston? Have you witnessed goodwill?

We hope this feast can help us as a community own the existing practices that foster belonging in our community as well as understand the complexities of our town.

Come prepared to find yourself on the map of Houston.

Come prepared to share and hear heartwarming stories from within your neighbourhood.

Come prepared to share a fabulous meal prepared by Love by the Bowl.