Chamber guides and map in demand

The Houston Chamber of Commerce is putting Houston on the map with their tourism program.

The Chamber has sent 2

The Chamber has sent 2

The Houston Chamber of Commerce is putting Houston on the map with their tourism program.

They partnered with Black Press to produce a Visitor Guide and Map book for Houston, funded by a grant from Destination B.C.

“The guide has been very popular throughout B.C. and we have had to send an additional supply to Destination BC to restock to Provincial Visitor Centres,” said Troy Reitsma, President of the Houston Chamber of Commerce.

They sent 2,000 copies for Visitors Centres over the summer and they’re constantly sending more to the Smithers airport, he said.

“It looks professional, it gives a great view of our town, and there’s so much information here that even long-term residents are learning new things.”

The Chamber is working with a marketing to company to redo their advertisements with the new Houston brand, which Reitmsa says adds so much to their advertising.

Tourism statistics from this summer are up, showing the Chamber had 10,309 visitors, 31 buses and 5,933 parties stop in Houston by September 2014.

“We’re a popular destination for people to go to, we have buses stop all the time and there’s lots of people asking questions and taking pictures,” Reitsma said.

Reitsma says the Houston Chamber is the smallest in B.C. that takes care of the economic development for the District.

“We have communities from down south and throughout the BC Chamber network that are looking at how Houston does things with economic development,” Reitsma said.

He says Houston is a bit of a pilot for other small communities who are considering getting their chambers to work on economic development.

“I’d like to see this continue,” he said.

“Other chambers are watching how things are run here so that they can model themselves after us.”