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Blueberry Festival revived at Shames Mountain for 2023 Terrace Riverboat Days

Shames Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club brings back the festival for the first time in two decades

A blend of music, food, hiking, and blueberry picking marked the return of the blueberry festival at Shames Mountain on Aug. 12. The event, organized by the Shames Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club, commemorated the club’s 50th anniversary during the 2023 Riverboat Days festival.

Shames Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club director Chance Healey said the festival was an annual tradition at Shames Mountain approximately 20 years ago, featuring events such as small concerts. To celebrate the club’s milestone anniversary, it was decided to resurrect the popular festival.

“This was one of the first events we thought we would do that with, as there are limited activities you can do up at Shames Mountain in the summer months,” he said.

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Healey said the festival could serve as a catalyst for more community-centric activities at Shames Mountain, both with the ski and snowboard club and the broader community.

He did acknowledge the difficulty in finding volunteers, saying, “Everyone wants these events, but there’s no volunteer base to come out and help, so this was a way to try and find things that might get other people interested and helping as well.”

While Healey recognizes the financial difficulties surrounding Shames Mountain, he insisted that they had “no bearing at all for whether we were going to do the event or not.”

“I don’t see any reason why we will not be having it next year and we’ll most likely be adding onto it,” Healey added.

An added attraction for those attending were the blueberries themselves with people picking what they needed for muffins, pies or pancakes back home.

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