Bulkley Valley Credit Union staff dropping off food donations to the Salvation Army for the annual Christmas hampers cause.

Bulkley Valley Credit Union staff dropping off food donations to the Salvation Army for the annual Christmas hampers cause.

B.V. Credit Union gives back

In the story “BVCU food drive campaign”, the Bulkley Valley Credit Union organized a fundraiser

In the story “BVCU food drive campaign” published in the Houston Today Dec. 14 issue, the Bulkley Valley Credit Union organized a fundraiser in which for every $100 donated, the bank would contribute $25. All proceeds went to fill the shelves at the local food banks. At the end of the campaign, a total of $2125 was raised. From the public, $1700 was donated, and BVCU contributed $425. This is the first year BVCU has run the campaign, and the Houston branch felt that it was very successful.

When asked how much food was donated, Jamie Mayer, office supervisor of the Houston Bulkley Valley Credit Union replied,“we had purchased the food ourselves from the money that was donated. There wasn’t much food dropped off during this campaign, it was geared towards monetary donations in which the food was purchased.”

“This cause was in conjunction with Bulkley Valley Foods, from whom we purchased the food. The staff also made a personal donation of $170 on top of the numbers mentioned,” said Tanya Amonson, Branch Manger for the Houston BVCU.

When asked if they will be doing this again next year, Amonson replied, “probably something similar. We’re really thankful to everyone for their generous donations and we are continuing to look for opportunities throughout the year to continue to contribute to these kinds of causes.”

Especially during this time of giving, the Salvation Army and many other organizations work together to support families and individuals during the holidays through fundraising to provide food and gifts for children.

To qualify to receive help from the Salvation Army food bank the household needs to be low income and live in the communities that the Houston office services. These include Houston, Topley, and Granisle.

“The total number of families in Houston B.C. that received a Christmas Hamper from the Salvation Army this year was 151,”said Tim Sharp, Bulkley Valley Ministries Director for the Salvation Army.

The Houston B.C. Salvation Army food bank helped approximately 45 families per month in the year 2016.

“We have seen a slight increase when it comes to the amount of families who use the food bank at the Salvation Army inHouston,” said Sharp, “and a larger increase of single and couples that use our food bank since the closure of the mills and grocery store in Houston.”

The Salvation Army currently distributes food every week on Thursdays.

“We are looking at the possibility of expanding it to two days a week due to the increase of guests who we are now serving at our food bank,” said Sharp.

Donations can be dropped off at the Houston Salvation Army located on 2429 10th Street from Monday to Saturday between10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We are always in need of volunteers as there is plenty of work that needs to be done when helping those in need,” saidSharp.

If you are interested in contributing your time to help support those in need, call 250-845-3494 to volunteer.