ATV users asked to show courtesy

Houston operators asked to consider noise in residential areas.

When it comes to using ATV’s on crown land, please be aware of residential properties in the area.

The District of Houston has been receiving several complaints of noise pollution due to ATV usage on crown land, Chief Administrative Officer Linda Poznikoff said.

“They’re disturbing the peace and quiet of the neighbourhoods,” Poznikoff said.

While not illegal for ATV’s to utilize crown lands, Poznikoff asked that for those people using the lands near a residential neighbourhood, care should be taken to help keep the noise down using common courtesy and ensuring that their equipment, particularly the muffler, is mechanically modified with noise reduction apparatus.  There are a number of places this is a concern in, but especially in the areas near the gravel pit by the Equity Mine Road and Houston Secondary School.

“The District has been facing this problem for many years,” Poznikoff said.