Xuyun Zeng

Council approached about options for Via Rail building

Steelhead Multicultural Society delegate spoke to council to see if councillors would reconsider their stance on the Via Rail building.

Ambulance house calls

Starting this fall, BC Ambulance Service will not only pick you up from an emergency, it will soon do home checkups in the Bulkley Valley.

School District warns about the dangers of technology

SD54’s Matthew Monkman talked about risks of technology last Tuesday’s educational forum at Houston Secondary School.

Council approved plan to join BC Amber Alert program

District staff brought forth two initiatives at the last council meeting.

Council has decided to apply for Rural Dividend Fund

Council has decided that they would like to apply for the new, provincial Rural Dividend Fund, to be used towards airport enhancements.

Market to stay at Steelhead

Council has unanimously denied the Houston Public Library’s request to move the farmers’ market next to the library.

Upper Bulkley River Streamkeepers' coordinator

Upper Bulkley RiverStreamkeepers

Upper Bulkley River Streamkeepers will host public event.

Upper Bulkley River Streamkeepers' coordinator

Syria refugee sponsorship update

The Houston Group to Sponsor Syrian Refugees has missed the fast-track boat to receive a Syrian refugee.

Health and Wellness Charter

Houston adopted its Health and Wellness Charter at the April 19 council meeting.

NWCC will not close Houston campus or reduce courses

Northwest Community College's April 15 board meeting allayed concerns and charted new initiatives.

Differing opinions on location of market

The Pleasant Valley Community Market should stay in Steelhead Park and it should stay a member of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets.

Paula Ganser

Houston’s first ever nurse practitioner

Paula Gansner is a British Columbian through and through.

Paula Ganser

Ruth Hamblin to play for the Dallas Wings in WNBA

Her high school coach commends her and her mother will miss her.


District of Houston operating budget plans

Preliminary discussions into this year's budget continued at the March 2 budget meeting.

Upcoming events to help raise funds for refugees

The Houston Group to Sponsor Syrian Refugees has collected $28,600, so far and are well on their way to reach their $30,000 goal.

Health workshop

Houston Health, Safety, Community Services and Education Committee opened its doors to the public on March 17 to develop a health charter.

Cori Marcotte

Houston woman receives medal for bravery

Cori Marcotte receives a Silver Medal for Bravery.

Cori Marcotte

NWCC cutbacks

The Northwest Community College’s Houston campus is in trouble, council heard from Coun. Dawn Potvin last Tuesday at their regular meeting.

$8000 estimated for Houston to receive CBC again

Houston residents will have to pony up $8,000 should they want to receive the CBC channel over-the-air again.

International Women's Day event guest speaker

Women’s Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist Carol Huynh in Houston

Olympic medalist Carol Huynh graced the Women's Day event, sharing her story of how she fought to participate in women's wrestling

International Women's Day event guest speaker