Year: 2016

B.C.’s top local news stories of 2016
A list of the big stories in B.C. this year – from the Abbotsford stabbing to the Kinder Morgan pipeline approval and the Royal visit.

Wire Service / December 30, 2016

Pentecostal church Christmas carol
The Christmas carol at the Pentecostal Church was well received on Dec. 21. An enchanting set list of songs were selected

Ann Marie Hak / December 29, 2016

The newspaper business
It has been very flattering receiving so many compliments and requests of the photos I have been taking for the HoustonToday newspaper.

Ann Marie Hak / December 29, 2016

Clark looks for housing boom in 2017
Premier Christy Clark's year-end interview, on housing costs, oil and gas, carbon pricing, teachers and government ads

Wire Service / December 27, 2016

BC Hydro downgrades smart meter savings
Cost of power trending lower, but project still pays for itself and eliminates most electricity theft from marijuana grow ops

Tom Fletcher / December 27, 2016

Peewee hockey home tournament
On Dec. 17 and 18 there was a home tournament for pewee hockey at the Houston Claude Parish Memorial arena.

Ann Marie Hak / December 25, 2016

Twain Sullivan Christmas concert
Twain Sullivan students proudly performed Christmas carols and dances from around the world on Dec. 15

Ann Marie Hak / December 24, 2016