Year: 2013

Tea Gallery changes hands
Solvig (Sue) Olsson sold Tea Gallery with a Twist to Bonnie Robinson and Cathy McMillan, who took ownership last Friday.

Jackie Lieuwen / November 5, 2013

Police report man sentenced to 14 days jail
A drunk male tried to flee, but was caught, held in custody, charged for obstructing a police officer, and sentenced to 14 days in jail.

Jackie Lieuwen / November 5, 2013

Undersea cable pitched for clean energy
A company known mostly for wind projects is reviving a proposal to connect the Vancouver Island and Washington electricity grids

Tom Fletcher / November 4, 2013

B.C. trying to revive climate program
B.C. reaches out to U.S. states and the clean energy industry to keep its greenhouse gas reduction goals in sight

Tom Fletcher / November 1, 2013

WALKING the plank
Over 20 kids came to Twain Sullivan Elementary for a gymnastics event last Wednesday.

Jackie Lieuwen / October 29, 2013

ART Attack
Nearly 15 kids grabbed paint bushes and sponges at the first Art Attack program at the Library last Friday.

Jackie Lieuwen / October 29, 2013

SERVICE Excellence
Olga Warren was honoured with a Long Service Award last Wednesday for her 17 years of commissionaires service with the RCMP.

Jackie Lieuwen / October 29, 2013

OCEAN Discovery
Houston Christian School Biology 11 class went on an ocean trip to the Work Channel near Prince Rupert.

Wire Service / October 29, 2013