Year: 2011

Local MLA floats union spending bill
Nechako-Lakes MLA John Rustad has introduced a private member's bill that would restrict political spending by B.C. unions.

Andrew Hudson / December 28, 2011

A HOPE for all seasons
Winter's longest night may be just past, but spring is certainly in the distance for the garden-growers in Houston's HOPE Society.

Andrew Hudson / December 27, 2011

Allan Boyd
Allan Ronald Boyd born April 7th, 1941 in McBride British Columbia. Passed…

Wire Service / December 24, 2011

Waking up to morning hockey
Getting out of bed Monday is a lot more fun if you can sneak a little hockey before work.

Andrew Hudson / December 23, 2011

Study joins fish farms, NGOs
A study into how sea lice infect wild B.C. salmon aims to get better research results having both fish farmers and NGOs on board.

Andrew Hudson / December 23, 2011

Horse drawn
Quick farmer Glen Kerr reflects on the pull of a career in horse-driving

Andrew Hudson / December 23, 2011

Fire at pellet plant
Fire broke out Tuesday for the second time this year at a wood pellet plant in Houston.

Wire Service / December 21, 2011

Skaters glide through gala
Skaters with the Houston Figure Skating Club put on a show full of solo, pairs and team figure skating.

Andrew Hudson / December 18, 2011

B.C. floats new plan for resource roads
Industry and recreation groups are voicing concerns about a provincial proposal to change how it manages forestry and other resource roads.

Andrew Hudson / December 17, 2011

Bantam girls win Houston tournament
Houston's Bantam Girls hockey team bested teams from across the Omineca League at a home tournament on Dec. 10 and 11.

Wire Service / December 13, 2011

Twain Band gives it all on rocking record
Anyone who saw “A Christmas Carol” on the Carolfest bill and expected classic Dickens got a jolt when the first guitar riff hit the air.

Andrew Hudson / December 11, 2011

Flexible hunting quotas introduced
B.C.'s natural resources ministry is changing the way it splits hunting quotas between B.C. hunters and guide-outfitters.

Andrew Hudson / December 11, 2011

Bush welcomes RCMP watchdog
Linda Bush says B.C.'s new RCMP watchdog is the kind of oversight that was missing after the 2005 shooting death of her son Ian.

Staff Writer / December 10, 2011