Side walk construction at Houston Leisure Facility

At the Houston Leisure Facility, construction has begun to implement a sidewalk in front of the facility for safer access.

There is no concrete date set yet for the completion of the project.

“I know that it is getting framed today,” said Tasha Kelly, manger of leisure services for the District of Houston on Aug. 2, 2017.

Kelly said the purpose of this project was “strictly for safety reasons.”

“In the past few years the parking lot has gotten much busier and we identified this as a safety item for our public,” said Kelly. “Especially in the winter that large parking lot is hard to keep ice and snow free. The public should have a safe space to walk into the facility now.”

Kelly says that there are also plans to add more green space with a picnic table where the rose bushes ended in front of the Houston Leisure Facility.

[gps-image name=”7962232_web1_170809-HTO-side-walk-HLF_2.jpg”]