District of Houston council chambers and municipal office.

New capital projects in Houston

On July 4, 2017 at the District of Houston council chambers an update of the progress of operating and capital projects was presented by district staff.

In March 2017, Houston Today reported on the approval of new capital projects for 2017 as well as new and carried over operating projects.

During the budget process, council approved 16 capital projects totaling $3,928,269. Six of the 16 projects were brought forward from 2016. According to the report, the remaining 10 projects are new projects.

“What would be your gut feeling for getting all the projects done this year?” asked counsellor Jonathan Van Barneveld.

“I would say we are on track to complete at least 90 per cent of our projects,” said Gerald Pinchbeck, Corporate Service Officer for the District of Houston.

Pinchbeck said that the water tower is the largest project and should be completed by December of this year.

“We have one project that was deferred to 2018, which was the retro fit case loader to be able to take attachments from our new loader to fit with the old loader,” said Pinchbeck.

He added that the revitalization of Bymac Park is off track right now.

“We are looking at getting the Bymac committee back together to bring that back on track,” said Pinchbeck.

“The rest of our projects appear to be slated for completion by December 2017,” said Pinchbeck.

Houston council accepted the report.