Houston school renovations begin this summer

Dave Margerm, secretary treasurer for School District 54 (SD54), confirmed that heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and general renovations for Houston Secondary School will begin this summer.

Margerm says they foresee the renovations being complete by the first day of the new school year.

“The contractors are starting in June in order to complete for school start-up in September,” said Margerm.

Aqua North Plumbing and Heating has been hired by SD54 to contract and complete the renovations.

The total cost of the renovations for 2017 will cost $1.1 million, and in 2018 there is a planned budgeted cost of $800,000 to finish the project.

“This is a complete replacement of the air and heating system in order to improve air quality to the facility. In addition, it will also help reduce energy costs. It is long overdue and we appreciate the ministry’s support in this capital project. This is just one aspect of $4.1 million in capital investment into Houston facilities over the past 6 year,” said Margerm.