Morice Mountain Race coming soon

Greg Yeomans, president of the the Morice Mountain Nordic Ski club, presented to the District of Houston council on May 16 about the upcoming Morice Mountain Race.

The Morice Mountain Nordic Ski club is celebrating its 30 year with their first annual Morice Mountain Cabin to Cabin Challenge run.

“We’re proposing a mountain run that is 22.5 kilometers cabin to cabin, 870 meters of vertical. It’s tough. It has a kid component,which is three kilometers. And it has a five and a half kilometer run as well. We tried to attract a more varied crowd,” said Yeomans.

The Morice Mountain Race will be capped at 250 registrants. Advertisement for the event has already begun. It is also being featured on the province-wide B.C. Athletics website.

“It is a town event,” said Yeomans. In a similar race held at Tumbler Ridge, Yeomans describe how it felt the town and all of its businesses were deeply involved. “The town was hosting it. Everyone got behind it, all the restaurants and hotels knew about it and got geared up for it and advertised it and then it took on its own life.”

Yeomans said that the annual summer race that the Smithers host is not running this year.

“So there is a fair bit of excitement about our race here,” said Yeomans.

Counsellor Tom Stringfellow asked, “Is there going to be enough parking space for the capacity of 250 registrants?”

“We have a fairly large staging area. Obviously the existing parking lot won’t hold that number of people, so we will be doing some preparation to help with that to expand our ability to have extra vehicles out there,” said Yeomans.

The Morice Mountain Nordic Ski club is also exploring first aid and medical coverage for the event.

“If there are some opportunities within the town or donations in-kind to support the event,” said Yeomans.

“How are you financing this?” asked counsellor John Siebenga.

“The club to this point has been nurturing to get it going,” said Yeomans. He is also working on applying for some funding through various organizations within the community.

Questions can be directed to the club’s email address at For more information visit their website

Look for upcoming advertisements in the Houston Today.