Wheelchair walk from Smithers to Houston

Members from Knights of Columbus walked a wheelchair from the Smithers fire hall to the Houston fire hall escorted by the Smithers fire department, the Telkwa fire department, and then the Houston Volunteer Fire Department. The two members were met by other members of Knights of Columbus from each town along the way to walk with them in support. “We are doing this to raise awareness for people with disabilities and raise funds to deliver mobility into the lives of those with no means to acquire a wheelchair,” said Jim Schwab, Grand-Knight of the Knights of Columbus. Schwab says that in the past 10 years the Knights of Columbus have delivered around 41,000 wheelchairs to those in need. For those interested in donating fund for someone in need of a wheelchair locally, or around the world, visit the Knights of Columbus website at http://www.kofc.org/en/ or the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation at https://www.cdnwheelchair.ca/

Ann Marie Hak photo

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