Evelyn Meehan standing next to a Tower Garden containing lettuce

Silverthorne holds hot breakfast and lunch program

Every school day, Silverthorne Elementary School holds a hot breakfast and lunch program,

Every school day, Silverthorne Elementary School holds a hot breakfast and lunch program, where students have to option to enjoy a healthy meal during their day of study.

Around 50 kids come out to enjoy breakfast and lunch each day.

In the past, the initiative was financially supported by parents paying for each meal. This year the program is now funded by donations, so that all students can have access to it.

“We noticed that it made it a little bit more challenging for people that couldn’t afford it. And it also made it challenging in that kids had expectations around what they wanted to eat,” commented Julie Krall, Principal at Silverthorne ElementarySchool.

The students are expected to try a little bit of everything at the salad bar.

“We tell them that you have to have either soup or salad if you want to have a piece of ham, or if there is something there that they would really like,” commented Evelyn Meehan, Special Education Assistant at Silverthorne Elementary School.

A couple of years ago, Silverthorne received a grant for three tower gardens where fresh lettuce, dill, broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoes are grown and regularly used in the healthy initiative program.

Students that are interested in being part of serving a nutritious meal have to the option to help out whether it is with preparation, washing dishes, or planting and watering the tower gardens.

We’re loosely combining it with offering lifestyle skills to kids,” commented Krall.

“A lot of them like to take ownership of different things. I like seeing that,” said Meehan.

It has become a social program that helps build a community within Silverthorne.

“I’ve noticed some of the students, especially the young ones, they really value the whole experience. They get their bowl of soup or salad, then they go back to their classroom and set it all up, and they enjoy eating,” said Krall.

Silverthorne is always looking for donations from financial support to non-perishable goods, and are continuing to apply for grants to ensure the longevity of this program.