Alyssa Margerm performs a lyrical dance with six other dancers.

School year-end events

Final track meets, dance recitals and class trips are marking the days as schools wrap up for the summer.

Seven Houston girls travel to Smithers every week to practice dance. Above: Alyssa Quast does a jazz dance with a group of girls at the dance recital last Wednesday.

The Twain Sullivan grade four class stand in front of the Pesuta Shipwreck in Haidi Gwaii. The 6 km hike to see the wreck was part of their year end class trip.

The Silverthorne Steelheads brought home the trophy for the best small school at the recent district track meet in Smithers.

Josh van der Giessen takes a flying leap into the sand, competing in the long jump at District 54 Elementary track meet.

Hanna Cockle finished first in the 100m, 200m, and High Jump, winning the individual aggregate trophy for her age group.