Sarah Opdendries, Mrs. British Columbia, is fundraising to cover costs of the Mrs. Canada Globe pageant in February 2018. Mrs. Canada Globe funds the Win Foundation, which helps women in need.

Houston resident competes for Mrs. Canada

Raising funds for participation costs and Win Foundation

Houston resident, Sarah Opdendries, in fundraising and preparing to compete at the Mrs. Canada Globe pageant in Regina, Saskatchewan in February 2018.

Opdendries who won the title of Mrs. Northern B.C. at the Ms. B.C. pageant in 2016, has since been bringing awareness to mental-health, and attending events including Cops for Cancer, the Harvest Festival, Canada Day, and more in Houston.Recently on Sept. 29, 2017 she had a fundraiser sponsored at the Bulkley Valley Credit Union to help cover costs for the Mrs. Canad Globe pageant.The barbecue raised $800. An additional $1000 was donated to her by Aurora Trucking Centre in Houston, and her flights are being sponsored by Pacific Truck – Peterbilt in Houston.

Opdendries explained that she is fundraising to cover pageant participation costs of $3200, plus funds for the evening gown and swimwear portion of the competition.

Wife and mother of two children, Opdendries has been continually active in Houston inspiring other mom and young women to get out of their comfort zone and do more.

Her two children have been inspired to watch their mother compete.

“They think it is awesome to see me dress all fancy and glittery,” said Opdendries.

Opdendries eldest 10 year-old daughter, Ella, has been inspired by the campaigns her mother has been a part of, and wants to run her own fundraiser for cops for cancer.

Opdendries first became aware of the Ms. B.C. 2016 pageant after reading an article about it in the Houston Today newspaper.

“I didn’t know events like that happened around here. When I saw that I wanted to try,” said Opdendries.

Opdendries said she felt very excited when she was crowned Mrs. Northern B.C. at the 2016 Mrs. B.C. pageant and that her journey this past year has helped her build more confidence in public speaking.

“My favourite part about representing [Mrs. Northern B.C.] has been going to events, and talking with people. I think people in Houston get so excited when they see that someone from Houston did this and are representing the community in this way,” said Opdendries.

Opdendries campaigns for mental-health awareness on an on going basis, and is her platform of choice for the Mrs. Canada Globe pageant.

“I want to show women that no matter where you are in life, no matter what struggles you deal with internally that you can do whatever you want,” said Opdendries.

As a person who struggles with anxiety, Opdendries said that participating in her first pageant in 2016 was her way to cope and challenge herself to not let mental-health stop her from achieving her goals.

Mrs. Canada Globe, which has been running for approximately three years, fundraisers for the Win Foundation which helps women in need.The winner of the pageant will get to compete in China for the Miss Universe pageant in China the fall of 2018.

“There will be women from all different walks of life who are amazing and inspirational, who are all very supportive of each other. Even now, I am still close with the women I met at Ms. B.C. who continue to support me on my journey in life” she said.

“Anyone can do it. All you have to do is apply. That goes for any chance you take. The worst that can happen is no.”

Sarah Opdendries will be representing Mrs. British Columbia at the Mrs. Canada Globe pageant in 2018. To support Opdendries, you can directly contact her at 778-203-0124.