Gallery: Houston loggers sport supports Houston Senior Housing

On July 29, 2017 at Blastpro Truck Yard, the Houston Loggers Sport was held which also raised money for the Houston Senior Housing.

Operation heads, Kelly and Lars Hobenshield organized the event where children and adults could compete in a variety of logger sports including axe throwing, stock saw, cross cut, underhand chop, swede sawing, and nail driving.

“Roughly 20 adults and a dozen kids registered,” said Lars.

The parking lot was full of spectators that brought lawn chairs to watch the entertaining event and cheer on their fellow loggers.

The sponsors double buck event is, which is exclusively for sponsors of the loggers sport, was a Calcutta event where five teams were bought by a spectator that picked where they thought their team would place for first, second or third.

In the sponsors double buck event, two people on a team hold a large saw and work together moving the saw back and forth to cut a section of timber.

“Basically two people on one saw and lot of aggression,” said Lars.

Half of the winnings of the sponsors double buck Calcutta goes to the person that correctly guessed and betted on a team’s placement, with the remaining amount going towards the Houston Senior Housing who are building another six-plex hopefully in 2018.

The winner of the Calcutta sponsors double buck bet, Mona Himech, donated their winnings to the Houston Senior Housing. A total of $600 from the Calcutta sponsors double buck event is going towards the Houston Senior Housing for their project.

When asked why the Houston Loggers Sport wanted to support the Houston Senior Housing, Lars said, “We spoke to one of the sponsors and asked which charity or local group would need money to do a local project. We were told that the Houston Senior Housing have budgeted for another six-plex, but are still pay off the other ones they built. So there is a need there and quite a few people are waiting to get in.”

In past years the Hobenshields have organized the Bulkley Valley Exhibition Loggers Sport at the fall fair in Smithers.

Lars said that a lot of their sponsors and fundraisers are from Houston who have expressed interest in having an event locally.

“This was our way of giving a bit of respect back to our sponsors and the community,” said Lars.

This is not the first time a Houston Loggers Sport has been held in Houston.

“There used to be a loggers sport at Four Seasons Park probably around 20 years ago,” said Lars. “We’re bringing it back baby.”

Lars said that him and his wife saw lots of support weeks before leading up until the show date.

“I just want to thank of all the sponsors and all the volunteers that helped, my wife [Kelly Hobenshield], I have to give her more credit than me as she made sure everything came together,” said Lars.

Lars said that they definitely plan on doing the event in Houston again.

If there are any volunteers interested in helping out next year, you can contact Lars Hobenshield at 250-845-4660.

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