Gallery: Dungate Community Forests donates to shooting range

Dungate Community Forest donated $3000 towards new siding for all the shooting buildings at the Morice Mountain Marksman Association shooting range. The range is located on Wolcott Forest Service Road and is 14.2 kilometers from the bridge at the Morice River by Bymac Park. The centre fire range is 300 yards, the pistol and 22 range is 100 yards, and they also have a trap shooting range. Next year the club is working on a cowboy action shooting range and a three gun shooting range. Jeff at Jericho Contracting was hired to put on the new siding. The Morice Mountain Marksman Associations shooting range is closed every year from Nov. 15 to Mar. 15. It is a part of the club’s land use agreement, and they ask that people honour the user dates. There is a also a flush toilet on site. Interested in practicing your marksmanship before the season ends? Memberships are available at Countrywide Sports and the Houston District & Chamber of Commerce.

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