Weekly books and activity sheets given to parents and their children for the Bond to Literacy program.

Bond to Literacy program runs again in Summer

The Houston Link to Learning will be running a second Bond to Literacy course this summer after the success and positive feedback they received running the program the first time this year.

“Bond to Literacy will run during the summer Thursdays starting July 6. We meet once a week for two hours. Snacks and learning materials are provided,” said Mia Mcgonigal, family literacy coordinator.

The program has successful run with nine participants that bring their children to the Northwest Community College to play at the daycare while the adults engage with program instructor, Mcgonigal, to go over the weekly activities and stories.

“We love it.” said Belinda Brosseau, participant of the program with her two children James and Grace. “They love the books. The program is very well organized and we get treated like royalty while we are here. I love the fact that James and Grace can go off to the little daycare room and have fun there.”

Brosseau added that she finds this program has been beneficial to the intellectual growth of the children. “The books are my favourite part, and the fact that you get to keep them is a little bonus right there,” she said.

Susan Buie says that the big bonus for her is that her grand-daughter did not like to read before until this program.

“The big bonus with me is that my grand-daughter did not like to read often, and now she is bringing me the books. The exercises that go with them make it a lot of fun. And, like a lot of kids, she likes to cut things [for the activities],” said Buie.

“I love it,” said Mcgonigal when asked what it is like facilitating Bond to Literacy. “It’s been super fun to facilitate. I love hearing the stories of what the kinds have done during the weeks.”

To register or for more information, contact Mia Mcgonigal at 250-845-2727. There are 10 spots available and the program is free.